Glycolic Face Peels

M.D. Formulations Glycolic Acid products were first in a line of the so-called “Fruit Acids” or “AHAs – Alpha Hydroxy Acids”. It has the smallest molecular size and is the most able to penetrate the skin.
Expressed simply, this natural product sloughs away dull, rough skin to reveal a softer, smoother, clearer and brighter appearance. Scientific studies confirm Glycolic Acid plumps up the overall skin texture and stimulates cellular activity attacking the ageing process and with continued use can actually reverse damage caused by the sun.

Glycolic peels are suitable for many skin types including





The salon peel contains 40% glycolic acid and is a light peel which means that you can continue with your normal daily life afterwards, we also offer an advanced 50% peel.

(There are stronger glycolic peels available -up to 90% glycolic acid – but they must always be carried out by a member of the medical profession and involve trauma to the skin that must be carefully managed to aid healing and prevent infection. Often a client is required to stay indoors for 8 days after a heavy peel.)

To gain the best results, a client must use homecare products, some of which contain glycolic acid for at least 2 weeks before a peel. These help to prepare the skin by loosening the intracellular bonds between the dead skin cells and acclimatize the skin to glycolic acid. The percentage of glycolic acid in these skin care products can be 10 – 15% strength and there are products within a range to suit all skin types and problems.

When using the products and when having the peel, it is normal to experience some tingling. This is the action of the glycolic acid.

Other temporary reactions which clients MAY experience after a peel are:-

Mild peeling

Not everyone experiences these reactions, in fact many people do not notice any of these.