Waxing Specialists – covering every inch

Professional fast Waxing covering every inch of the female body – 

Our method involves warm wax being applied to legs/ arms / bikini/ face ,

We use a strip to remove the wax on the non intimate areas ,( on intimate areas we recommend hot wax ) its then quickly pulled off, therefore pulling out the hairs at their roots.

We use a roller system that contains a sensitive warm wax which is suitable for all skin types. The system is very hygienic as it is sterilised after every client.

It is an excellent type of hair removal as it leaves the area smooth and free from hair. The hair growth will gradually grow back and the treatment is usually repeated after about 4 – 6 weeks, once there is enough regrowth.

The area waxed is left smooth and hair free .

Sensitive skin may react by being pink or have a pimpled affect , this does depend up on the area treated, the strength of the hair growth and the skin sensitivity. Our expert technicians will advise on after care and this usually only lasts upto 24 hours.

People will usually find that after a while of constant waxing the hair will become much finer and there may be a reduction in regrowth.