Combination Skin

Combination skin

Special Cleansing Gel - this gently foaming cleanser is a soap free gel that throughly cleanses the skin without stripping essential moisture. Contains balm mint to soften and soothe the skin, Lavender as a natural antiseptic to cool and purify the skin. Ideal for normal or combination skins.

Multi Active Toner - A spray conditioner for the skin to refresh and hydrate. Can be used throughout the day and applied over make up. Contains soothing aloe vera and extracts of lavender, balm mint and arnica to condition and protect the skin.

Skin prep Scrub - this product uses corn cob meal to exfoliate and polish away dulling dead skin cells, allowing new, fresh cells to regenerate.

Gentle Cream Exfoliant - this uses a five part exfoliating complex containing lactic acid to help loosen and detach dead skin cells and salicylic acid to speed up cell renewal. Sulphur aids in gentle skin peeling while papain and bromelain enzymes digest the detached cells. This with botanical extracts to soothe the skin, gently and effectively retexturizes the skin to increase hydration and smoothness, while helping to prevent clogged pores.

Specific Skin Concentrate - An oil free treatment gel that adds extra moisture without extra oil, the formula uses whole wheat proteins, algae extract and Sodium PCA to increase the moisture level of the daily moisturiser. It rehydrates even the dries of skins helping to minimise signs of dryness and stress.

Active Moist - this oil free formula contains silk amino acids to moisturise and help condition skin. Herbal extracts protect against environmental dryness. Contains natural astringents of lemon, burdock, watercress and cucumber to help control oil production. Very effective for combination skin as this product will hydrate and moisturize the skin without adding more oil to congested areas.

Skin Refining Masque - uses purifying kaolin and bentonite clays to absorb excess oils, soothing lappa and cucumber helps to calm irritated skin, while natural peppermint and zinc revitalise dull skin. This deep cleansing masque improves the skin appearance and texture, helps reduce oily breakouts, reduces inflammation and refines pores without the use of harsh irritating alcohol’s. In combination skin types this masque can be used on the t-zone to combat excess oil and congestion.

Hydrating Masque - this gel masque uses amino acids plus hyluronic acid to supply nourishing moisture to the skins surface. It effectively rehydrates stressed skin, promoting suppleness while reducing fine dry lines. Plant extracts reduce inflammation, firm and calm the skin. This masque can be used on the most sensitive of skins and also around the eye area. In combination skin types this masque can be used on the cheeks and neck to combats dryness and dehydration.

Special Clearing Booster - this highly active gel contains 5% benzoyal peroxide to neutralise bacteria in follicles, dries and clears acne breakouts and prevents future lesions from forming. Plant extracts of calendula, cornflower and matricaria soothes skin irritation and the discomfort of acne. For use on combination skin the product is suitable as it put directly onto the blemish to combat individual problem areas, therefore it will not affect the rest of the skin.

Skin Renewal Booster - an Alpha Hydroxy Acid complex of lactic acid, salicylic acid and pharmaceutical sulphur to micro foliate the skin helping to remove dead skin cells, revitalise the skin and minimise fine dry lines. Improves skin hydration and minimises breakouts.

Soothing Eye Makeup Remover - an alcohol free and oil free make up remover that effectively cleanses away all traces of eye and lip makeup without irritation. Protein silk amino acids strengthen and condition the delicate eye lid and lash area.

Total Eye Care SPA 15 - Alpha hydroxy acid smoothes and retexturizes dry skin around the eye while sodium PCA attracts moisture. Non irritating sun protection, anti inflammatory, helps to firm and reduce puffiness while optical light diffusers minimise dark circles.

Pigment Relief - An all natural lotion that helps to even out pigmentation caused nourishes and protects treated by sun damage, oral contraception and pregnancy. Active botanicals of yeast, lemon, lime, bearberry and liquorice combats uneven pigmentation. Alpha hydroxy Lactic acid helps to accelerate skin renewal while anti oxidant vitamin C areas.

Deluxe Facial Brush - An ultra soft bristle brush that deep cleanses and exfoliates dead surface cells. It is packaged with a protective cap to help keep the bristles in perfect condition.

The Sponge Cloth - this revolutionary fabrifoam cloth is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. Use with your Dermalogica cleanser to remove makeup and impurities without irritation. The sponge is bacteria resistant and is machine washable.