Sensitive Skin

Sensitive/reddened skin

Ultra Calming Cleanser - an extremely gentle gel/cream to cleanse, protect and soothe. Contains lavender, echinacea and raspberry for their anti inflammatory, calming and healing properties. Active agents protect against pollution, climate assault, harsh products, stress, hormonal factors,etc. Can be used around the eyes and enhances the skin’s natural lipid barrier.

Soothing Protection Spray - an ultra calming spray using a specialised complex to protect the skin from reactive ozone, soothing green tea, Canadian willow herb, cucumber, liquorice and raspberry deliver potent anti itching, healing and antioxidant benefits. Hydrates irritated skin and reduces inflammation and redness.

Gentle Cream Exfoliant - this uses a five part exfoliating complex containing lactic acid to help loosen and detach dead skin cells and salicylic acid to speed up cell renewal. Sulphur aids in gentle skin peeling while papain and bromelain enzymes digest the detached cells. This with botanical extracts to soothe the skin, gently and effectively retexturizes the skin to increase hydration and smoothness, while helping to prevent clogged pores.

Barrier Repair - A unique waterless moisturiser that creates a shield against environmental assault, evening primrose oil and emollient silicones strengthen the skin’s natural lipid barrier. Shea butter, vitamin C and bisabolol combat skin damage and moisture loss.

Multi Vitamin Power Recovery Masque - a powerful anti inflammatory masque of concentrated vitamins and botanicals to calm sensitive skin. Firming vitamin A increases elasticity and moisture content, Vitamin C aids in collagen synthesis restoring the skin’s strength, Vitamin E and Pro vitamin B5 promote healthy tissue regeneration and botanical extracts soothe the skin, calm redness and inflammation.

Climate Control - A therapeutic balm to shield the skin from the environment, enhances the skin lipid barrier and boosts the skins defence system. Ideal for people who play outdoor sports, air travel and for changes in climate protection. Gentle Soothing Booster – this oil free liquid contains 70% fruit and plant extracts, including red raspberry extract which soothes the skin and provides a natural antibiotic action. Cornflower and honey provide extra moisture binding protection to the skin. This formula naturally desensitises the skin making it ideal for acne prone and sensitive skins.

Ultra sensitive Face Block SPF 25 - a non irritating sunblock to offer sensitive skin maximum sun protection. Ultra fine porcelain particles of titanium Dioxide reflects the sun’s most damaging rays. Lightly tinted also protects against moisture loss and protects against premature aging and skin irritation.

Skin Renewal Booster – an Alpha Hydroxy Acid complex of lactic acid, salicylic acid and pharmaceutical sulphur to micro foliate the skin helping to remove dead skin cells, revitalise the skin and minimise fine dry lines. Improves skin hydration and minimises breakouts.

Soothing Eye Makeup Remover - an alcohol free and oil free make up remover that effectively cleanses away all traces of eye and lip makeup without irritation. Protein silk amino acids strengthen and condition the delicate eye lid and lash area.

Total Eye Care SPA 15 - Alpha hydroxy acid smoothes and retexturizes dry skin around the eye while sodium PCA attracts moisture. Non irritating sun protection, anti inflammatory, helps to firm and reduce puffiness while optical light diffusers minimise dark circles.

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