Dry Skin

Dry/dehydrated skin

Essential Cleanser - A creamy cleanser to nourish dry skin, while removing make up and debris. Uses natural safflower oil to soften skin without adding excess oil, and extracts of rosemary, lemon, hops and pine cone stimulates cell renewal and surface hydration.

Multi Active Toner - A spray conditioner for the skin to refresh and hydrate. Can be used throughout the day and applied over make up. Contains soothing aloe vera and extracts of lavender, balm mint and arnica to condition and protect the skin.

Skin prep Scrub - this product uses corn cob meal to exfoliate and polish away dulling dead skin cells, allowing new, fresh cells to regenerate.

Intensive Moisture Masque - a creamy, nutrient rich dose of essential fatty acids and moisture binding honey to restore lost moisture. Energising gingko biloba stimulates the circulation, to help revitalise dull skin.

Skin Hydrating Masque - this gel masque uses amino acids plus hyluronic acid to supply nourishing moisture to the skins surface. It effectively rehydrates stressed skin, promoting suppleness while reducing fine dry lines. Plant extracts reduce inflammation, firm and calm the skin. This masque can be used on the most sensitive of skins and also around the eye area.

Skin Smoothing Cream - a medium weight moisturiser that maintains the skins moisture balance to improve the elasticity and texture. Plant extracts and essential oils hydrate and oxygenate the skin.

Intensive Moisture Balance - an ultra rich moisturiser to firm and strengthen ultra dry skins. Using an exclusive blend of phytonutrients, anti oxidant vitamins and firming humectants it restores vital moisture and prevents free radical damage to gain optimum skin health.

Intensive Moisture Concentrate - uses natural organic silicones and hyaluronic acid to combat dryness, smooth fine lines, nourish and protect the skin. Increases moisturization by 130 %.

Specific Skin Concentrate - An oil free treatment gel that adds extra moisture without extra oil, the formula uses whole wheat proteins, algae extract and Sodium PCA to increase the moisture level of the daily moisturiser. It rehydrates even the dries of skins helping to minimise signs of dryness and stress.

Intensive Eye Repair - eye soothing botanicals with vitamin C help to maintain the skin’s elasticity and texture, smoothes the appearance of dry lines and wrinkles. Replenishes lost moisture and protects against pre mature ageing.

Skin Renewal Booster - an Alpha Hydroxy Acid complex of lactic acid, salicylic acid and pharmaceutical sulphur to micro foliate the skin helping to remove dead skin cells, revitalise the skin and minimise fine dry lines. Improves skin hydration and minimises breakouts.

Soothing Eye Makeup Remover - an alcohol free and oil free make up remover that effectively cleanses away all traces of eye and lip makeup without irritation. Protein silk amino acids strengthen and condition the delicate eye lid and lash area.

Total Eye Care SPA 15 - Alpha hydroxy acid smoothes and retexturizes dry skin around the eye while sodium PCA attracts moisture. Non irritating sun protection, anti inflammatory, helps to firm and reduce puffiness while optical light diffusers minimise dark circles.

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